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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue Feb 2 10:13:52 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 02 February 2010, Joe(theWordy)Philbrook wrote:
>It would appear that on Feb 1, Gene Heskett did say:
>> On Monday 01 February 2010, Bruce Marshall wrote:
>> >On Monday 01 February 2010, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> >> >Ctl-Z  is your friend in those cases.
>> >>
>> >> For vim?
>> >
>> >Hey, I'm an old fart....   but I would never use vim for much of
>> > anything.
>> I probably have you beat, Bruce.  I'm 75. :)
>> >I am sure vim must have an 'undo' somewhere.
>> It probably does, but its depth of undo may also be limited.  I can
>> usually fix my typu's without needing that, so it use isn't second
>> nature.  And then of course someone here, reading this is bound to quote
>> that old saw about old dogs & new tricks.  Shrug.  I've been using vi, or
>> a clone of it, for at least 30 years.
>It certainly does Gene... And I hate to say it but if you've been using the
>old vi for that long your gonna hate yourself... vim is mostly compatible
>with vi. But it does have some improvements. and the undo is one of them.

Well, I have an old system too, with a vi clone I had to rename to ed because 
of an os 'improvement' gave the old system a window style named vi.

But on linux I have been using vim since rh5.0 days.

>With old vi you had single level undo using by default the "u" (from
>command mode of course). And if I remember correctly if you hit it a second
>time it undid the undo right? Well I'm not certain if this is one of the
>things that compatibility mode affects, but the normal default behavior
>for "u" in vim is a multi-level undo that can usually back you all the way
>up to the state the file was in when you began editing the file. An
>exception to that would be if you had already backed up part way and then
>made new changes... Because vim's "u" is no longer a toggle they bind ^R to
>the multi-level redo function.

Actually, where that was really biting my a$$ was when I was in the kmail 
composer, trying to answer an email.  I sent more messages whose thought 
threads were totally destroyed when on that lappy because so much stuff would 
just go randomly missing.  Thunderbird suffered the same problems, and the 
receivers of those messages probably thought I was losing what little mind I 
have left.  Plumb #$@ embarrassing to me too.

>Since you've been using vi for so long though, I think I should mention
>that even though I don't find this in a current man vim, I remember that
>when I was first switching to vim from vi, I had to replace my existing
>~/.exrc with a nearly identical ~/.vimrc to stop vim from assuming I wanted
>compatibility mode... So if you have an old style ~/.exrc, it might be why
>you didn't know "u" was a multi-level undo in vim.

cat: .exrc: No such file or directory

>It would appear that on Feb 1, Bruce Marshall did continue the discussion:
>> I know just enough vi to know how to use it when I have to.   But ditch
>> it at the first opportunity....
>Careful Bruce it only takes a few comments like that to start another of
>those infamous {editor of choice} holy wars... And I doubt that anybody
> wants more of that. Probably not even those dog gone emacs users... ;-7
Shhhhhh, now you'll wake the pack. ;)

Cheers, Gene
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