Kubuntu Maverick: how to disable there the touchpad while typing?

Doug dmcgarrett at optonline.net
Thu Dec 30 17:17:42 UTC 2010

On 12/30/2010 07:21 AM, Bas Roufs wrote:
> Hello Doug and Everybody
> Yesterday I told you about my research for a " graphical tool to
> disable the touchpad while typing (...) at an Asus 1001 HA netbook
> with, at present Kubuntu 10.10 and Win7 dual boot"
> You replied as follows:
>> If you are using the KDE version of Kubuntu, you should have access to
>> Synaptiks--note the last few letters.
> By the way, what do you mean with "note the last few letters"?
Synaptiks, as contrasted with Synaptic, the people who wrote the
touchpad code, I think, as well as the package manager for PCLOS
and perhaps some other distros.
> Howver it may be, I do have Kubuntu 10.10, including KDE 4.5.1. That's
> why I have taken a look at "Synaptiks". But when trying to install it,
> I get the following feedback:
> "The following changes are required in order to proceed. To be removed:
> kcm-touchpad
> kde-config-touchpad."
> For the time being, I have cancelled the operation and taken a look at
> the 2 already installed packages mentioned above. "kcm-touchpad" seems
> to be a transitional package that can safely be removed. However,
> "kde-config-touchpad" is the package that is supposed to have the
> function I am looking for. According to the info I can find via a
> package manager, kde-config-touchpad
>   (...) is a configuration module for System Settings for configuring laptop
>   touchpads. With it the user can configure sensitivity, scrolling settings,
>   as well as enable "Smart Mode", which disables the touchpad while typing (...)"
> This package is apparently the one I mentioned in my previous message:
> K-menu>  System Settings>  Hardware>  Input Devices>  Touchpad.
> However, it is not obvious where exactly I can find the "Smart mode"
> which disables the touchpad while typing: is it the option General>
> "touchpad off" + "allow moving"?
> Thanks for replying, respectfully yours,
> Bas.
What I think you want to do is disable the touchpad altogether when you 
an external pointing device (mouse or trackball) plugged into a usb port.
That's what Synaptiks does. The other gadget that only disables the 
while you are typing, I found to be a PITA, since it has very little 
delay between
the time you take your finger off a key until the pad starts moving the 
again.  In other words, AFAIC, it really doesn't do the job that needs 
But if you don't use an external mouse or ball, I guess you're stuck 
with the
"disable while typing" arrangement. Maybe there's a way to lengthen the
delay to a good fraction of a second, rather than the few milliseconds 
it seems
to have now.


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