Has Kubuntu become less stable?

Alan Dacey Sr. grokit at ajinfosearch.com
Mon Dec 27 01:47:47 UTC 2010


> > ...... I think that Kubuntu is actually
> > getting better, along with KDE.  Maybe you should think about replacing
> > some hardware and see if that fixes the problem.  You also didn't mention
> > what video driver you use or hardware you have.  Mentioning that could
> > also bring in some suggestions from people who have the same.
> > 
> > Alan
> Interesting suggestion.  Well, KInfocenter tells me that the 3D accelerator 
> is by Intel: "4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller".  The driver 
> is by Tungsten Graphics and the renderer is "Mesa DRI Intel Q45/Q43 GEM 
> 20100330 Development [hmm...] x86/MMX/SSE2".  I run the OS from one WD HDD 
> on SATA.  Processor is Intel E8400.

My machine doesn't even know what 3D accelerator it's using (??).  This is 
just a shot in the dark but is there another video driver for your hardware that 
you can use?  It could be the cause of your odd dropdown issue.  I didn't pay much 
attention to it but I know that there are/were some hard times for people with 
an Intel video chip.  I'd also see if you could buy/borrow/steal a new hard drive and 
see if the same problems exist with an install on that, but that is also a shot in 
the dark.


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