Grub Config hangs

Billie Walsh bilwalsh at
Thu Dec 16 17:29:43 UTC 2010

I have 10.04 and during updates it gets to :

Running postinst hook script /user/sbin/update-grub.
Generating grub.cfg ...

and just hangs there. Last time we were going to town to run errands and 
I just let it run for hours while we were gone and it was still in the 
same spot. That time I clicked the "x" to exit till I got the message 
that the program was not responding  and terminated it. Didn't seem to 
hurt anything because it boots just fine, I just don't see a grub scree 
on boot up.

The system is a single OS - Kubuntu 10.04-64
AMD quad core
4 gig ram

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