Thomas Olsen tanghus at
Sat Dec 4 10:19:31 UTC 2010

On Saturday 04 December 2010 03:43:32 Mark Greenwood wrote:
> On Saturday 04 Dec 2010 02:24:22 Lindsay Mathieson wrote:
> > Keep trying but I just can't see the point of activities, they don't
> > appear to bring anything to the table that Virtual Screen didn't, apart
> > from the ability to have different widgets on different screens -
> > whoopdy doo.
> > 
> > I have yet to see a concise description of what activities are or a 
> > decent tutorial.
> I've yet to see that either, but here's what I use them for:

As far as I can see you can use Activities just as (or better than) Virtual 
Desktops if:

 - There was an "Activity Pager" just like the VD pager.

 - The task manager had a setting "Only show tasks from the current Activity".

 - There was an indication somewhere/how on which Activity you are currently 

And most likely some more things needed. The Activities needs a few more 
development iterations before they become useful at least for me.

Best regards / med venlig hilsen

Thomas Olsen

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