KMail 4.6 Beta

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at
Sat Dec 4 02:08:17 UTC 2010

On Sat, 4 Dec 2010 11:39:18 AM Clay Weber wrote:
> KDE 4.6 is not final, yet :)

I thought the whole point of the beta was to test stuff? how on earth are we 
going to get any real user testing of KMail 4.6 if its not in the 4.6 beta?

> Kdepim development kinda has it's own development track so it may not be
> there  until later in the game. I am not exactly sure if Kontact 4.6 will
> actually be ready for kde 4.6, or that Kubuntu (and others, I am sure)
> will not provide it by default just yet.

As far as I'm aware from the kdepim dev list the current release plan for the 
Akonadi KMail is KDE 4.6

> there is a ppa for the latest beta
> Dunno if it is compatible with kde 4.6, however

Thanks, think I'll skip it as the KDE packages are 4.5.1 :)

> kolabsys.html
> This seem to suggest that we may be seeing an enhanced version ready for
> Kolab  integration.

If I can ever get a kolab server working one day I might give that a spin ....


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