GeraldCC gcsgcatling at
Thu Dec 2 06:20:40 UTC 2010

On Wednesday, December 01, 2010 09:31:35 pm Mark Greenwood wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 Dec 2010 04:10:37 GeraldCC wrote:
> > Hi to all,
> > Could anyone explain, why, on some machines the USB K/M (Keyboard/Mouse)
> > is lost when they are switched to another machine then switched back?
> > (with a KVM USB switch)
> > I have 2 machines where this happens.
> > Gerald
> It's probably your KVM switch that is at fault. I've had this at work with
> several of the USB KVM switches we used. When replaced with a more
> expensive, better specced switch the problem went away. It did only affect
> certain models of PC but I'm pretty sure it's hardware related and has
> nothing to do with the OS because I've seen the BIOS complain about having
> no keyboard.
> Mark
Hi  to all,
Mark and Tom H, I have removed all raid partitions on this computer and 
reinstalled Kubuntu 10.10 (ALT) on a single drive. there are no raid 
partitions on the other 2 drives and they are not mounted.
The result is very obvious.  The system does not lose the mouse/keyboard at 
all even if they are missing for 30 mins. With raid drives, the system lost 
the moues/keyboard almost immediately. So what does one think the problem may 
I have tried 32 bit Kubuntu 10.10 (ALT) on the same raid system and I get the 
same failure.
It is the same for Fedora 14. 64 bit and 32 bit.
It is also the same for Mandriva 2010.1 64  bit.

If I run PCLinuxOS 2010.10 on this system raid works fine and there is no loss 
of mouse/keyboard. But that is a 32 bit system.
I  have run testdisk and memtest 4.0 on the system and they can find no errors.
So why cannot I run raid ????

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