Raid drives???

GeraldCC gcsgcatling at
Wed Dec 1 04:01:15 UTC 2010

On Wednesday, December 01, 2010 08:42:05 am GeraldCC wrote:
> Hi Guy's
> I have the ALT version on KUbuntu installed on a AsUS motherboard 2GB ram
> 3- core CPU and 3 sata2 drive each of 160GB.
> I have md0 --root
> md1 ---swap
> md2 ---/home
> md3 ---?? should be /mnt/data
> Now md3 has data in from PCLinuxOS when it was installed.
> I cannot get md3 to mount. I get all sorts of problems. From drives
> (sda4-sdc4 or sda5-sdc5) not being there or allready in use or not
> formatted correctly??? I have done re-install of KUbuntu and let it make
> the raid device md3 and formatting it, but it is still not mountable.
> Is there something going on that is not documented in the 10.04 Server
> book, or will KUbuntu not run on this system???
> Many thanks for your support
> Gerald
As an extra-- I completely deleted the /home and /mnt/data as md2 and md3 and 
then re-created them. Did a full installation and rebooted.
The first re-boot could not mount md2 the /home partition or md3 the /mnt/data 
So with no home and not able to login as root I switch off.
On this re-boot, it complained about md2 and md3 but I presses the 'S' key to 
I did then get to a login screen and it allowed me to login to my home 
folder........I could also mount my /mnt/data folder, for the first time.
I do not know what the problem was but it seems to have cleared itself!!!!
So apart from knowing what was wrong, can anyone through any light on this 
I do know that PCLinuxOS cannot do what K/Ubuntu can do from the -ALT- disk 
but at this time I am trying to get the same functionality in Ububtu that I 
had in PCLinuxOS.
Your thoughts on the installation problem will be greatfully received.

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