is it Kubuntu or is it KDE?

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Mon Aug 30 21:06:57 UTC 2010

In data domenica 29 agosto 2010 22:28:57, Luca Ferrari ha scritto:

> Hi all,
> I don't want to start a flame here, just to discuss and share opinions on
> my favorite (until now) desktop and distribution. At the moment I'm
> running kubuntu 10.04 with kde 4.5.
> I've been running KDE since version 1 and never left it to switch to
> another desktop, even when the "not-so-usable" 4.0 issued. I personally
> believe KDE is the best desktop ever made, with ideas 100 steps behind
> other desktops. Plasma is amazing in concept, QT are wonderful to use and
> develop, the desktop is fully integrated, KMail and Kontact are the best
> mail & pim program I've ever seen.
> However, in the last kubuntu releases I'm having too much problems, and I
> don't understand if it is the distro or the desktop. My audio is not
> working at all, the network applet is unable to connect me to a not
> WPA2-PSK access point, my broadband modem is recognized, but does not
> work, and in general the desktop is too much slow when switching between
> applications. Moreover, konqueror is freezing sometimes and making the
> whole desktop locked for almost a minute. Finally, amarok fails to tag my
> mp3s without errors. All the above has been reported to this mailing list.

Hi, I'm using Kubuntu 10.04 with KDE 4.5 too.

- my sound is working correctly, also with Skype
- I cannot talk about the wireless connection, I'm using direct access with 
LAN cable to ADSL modem
- Konqueror is working normally, while I'm experiencing a little decrease in 
speed in the desktop (but my system is quite old, 10 years old!)
- Amarok seems to tag normally, but I use Kid3 to tag my mp3 music, so I 
cannot give a trusted reply

Have you upgraded or did you make a clean install? I made a clean install.

> Now, just to give it a try, I installed the gnome desktop and...everything
> worked fine: the modem, the audio, the network applet and most notably all
> the desktop effects were running smooth.

Maybe you're right, but I don't like very much the Gnome system... :-)

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