killing shadowing

claydoh at claydoh at
Mon Aug 30 21:01:55 UTC 2010

> clay, Steve
>      The first thing I did after noticing the effect was to un-tick
> 'enable desktop effects'
> shortly after installing Lucid, it's been off ever since, I also
> un-ticked 'active window
>   glow' in settings>appearance>windows>window decoration>shadows, no cure.
> However, touch wood, it seems to be much improved since I upgraded to
> the latest NVIDIA
> offering. I did this nvidea upgrade to fix speed problems on 'google
> earth' and seems to
> have improved this tailing/shadowing problem as well, so maybe you were
> right about
> the graphics driver Clay
>   I don't know about setting up a link, but I can send a screen snapshot
> to your personal
> email address if it would help, the effect is still there but very much
> reduced.
> brian
is a free no-registration-required image site just for this purpose, you
upload a pic there and paste the link here.


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