is it Kubuntu or is it KDE?

David Fletcher dave at
Sun Aug 29 21:40:46 BST 2010

On Sunday 29 Aug 2010, Luca Ferrari wrote:
> too much better. I don't like the file manager, the menu without the search 
> (that is an upcoming of gnome 3) and in general the look and feel. However, 
> desktop as it is now is almost unusable for me, so I'm considering switching 
> to something that "just works".
> I remember kde 3.5 (the old major release) having all the above problems 
> working, and I guess kde 4.5 should be enough mature to let the users 
> experience the desktop, not suffering the desktop.
> I can see a lot of messages of people having troubles with kde (as well as 
> with other desktops), and since I don't believe that KDE developers are not 
> seeing the above problems, I guess there is something wrong with the 
> distribution, but I have not tried another KDE based one.
> So far, I'm considering a concrete desktop switch, and the application I 
> miss the more is KMail (in my opinion even Evolution cannot compete).

EXACTLY why I've just been moving all of my messages OUT of kmail on my 
desktop and into an IMAP server.

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