killing shadowing

claydoh at claydoh at
Sun Aug 29 16:57:45 BST 2010

> I've got KDE 4.4.2 , Lucid, 64amd
> Can anybody tell me how to kill shadowing/ tailing  please,
> I've been round and round settings trying anything which
> I think might do it but no luck - I've probably missed some-
> thing obvious.
> It is very irritating when I'm trying to adjust
> colour levels in a graphic using gimp for instance. Sometimes
> these 'shadowings' flash on and off 2 or 3 times a second.
> I can't really understand why anyone would want character
> and icon tails or shadows, is it supposed to pretty up the screen
> or something? I certainly don't want horizantal stripes/ bars
> all over the konsole screen.
>   I don't see them in any screen-savers, how does this app.
> kill them.
> brian
> --

Check out desktop effects settings (assuming they are on), but it sounds
more like a graphics problem of some sort, as the shadows aren't supposed
to flash, just add a drop-shadow to windows. the tails I don't quite
understand what you are seeing. A link to an image of what you are seeing
would be helpful here, I think.


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