Separate activity for each desktop in 4.5?

Worzel catcott at
Thu Aug 26 14:44:42 UTC 2010

On Thursday 26 August 2010 08:01:12 Thomas Olsen wrote:

> I only found a Plasma HowTo for KDE SC 4.4 at
> Is there one for 4.5 anywhere?

AAIU first comes a default activity which requires one desktop (as in Desktop 
1). If you leave this as a desktop activity you can add more desktops (as in 
Desktop 2 - nnn), but they will all have the same wallpaper.

A "Folder view" activity can have it's own wallpaper, widgets, icons etc but 
is not linked to any specific desktop. If you have a folder view 'Office' 
Activity showing a documents folder you cannot tie this to Desktop 3 so that 
when you change desktops the activity changes with you.

This is how I thought it was supposed to work but I could be, and probably am, 
As I see it, you can stick to one desktop with several activities which you 
swap to as or if you wish, or several desktops so that you can have related 
windows open on each and ignore activities altogether.


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