Separate activity for each desktop in 4.5?

Thomas Olsen tanghus at
Thu Aug 26 06:31:28 UTC 2010

On Monday 16 August 2010 08:58:07 Ric Moore wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-08-16 at 00:15 +1000, Basil Chupin wrote:
> > You can run all your apps on one single desktop in Kubuntu (or even
> > *buntu), right?
> Basil, I could etch a message on a rock and lob it in the general
> direction of Australia, but I got email! And 6 desktops! Now, after all
> of this consternation, I have different half dressed ladies on each of
> them ...just to prove a point you understand. <eyebrow waggles> 6
> different backgrounds just by using Rhineholt's original cure. Nothing
> added, nothing extra installed.
> Just click on the desktop, in an unpopulated area, with a right click,
> select Desktop Activities Settings, and you should be within wallpaper
> settings, and set that page to the image you desire or download some.
> Then proceed to the next desktop and set it. etc.

I don't have any "Desktop Activities Settings" in the desktops context menu; 
only an "Activities ..." entry which pops up the Activities Manager (from 
which I can't do anything but create new unnamed activities) and a "Desktop 
Settings" from which I can select a wall paper and select the type of activity 
and give it a name, but I cannot *select* which activity to use..?

When I read about the features for 4.5 with the focus very much on Activities 
I found that it sounded unnecessarily complex but I didn't think that it would 
end up being less intuitive and less useful than 4.4 :-/

Best regards / med venlig hilsen

Thomas Olsen

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