kmail really slow while typing

David Fletcher dave at
Wed Aug 25 12:44:45 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 25 Aug 2010, Luca Ferrari wrote:
> Hi,
> using KDE 4.5 on Kubuntu 10.04, but this appears quite often when a new KDE 
> release is installed: KMail becomes really slow when typing, I mean the text 
> appearing on the screen is often 2-3 seconds late of when I typed it. 
> told me it was a network problem, but I'd like to know if there's a 
> configuration option or something to make this annoying behaviour to stop.

I've seen others making my point here, so I'll add what I have to say.

Right now I'm using Kubuntu Hardy. Because it works. Properly. I don't want to 
go to KDE 4.5 because of all the problems I keep reading about on here, but I 
guess I will eventually have to start using something other than Hardy as 
support tails off.

I can use Open Office, ufraw, qcad and I guess just about anything else on the 
XFCE desktop I installed on a virtual machine. But I have years of email 
stored in kmail.

So my last few days have been spent learning how to set up a mail server with 
fetchmail, postfix, dovecot and IMAP and transfer messages from kmail to the 
IMAP server. I did this on a temporary server, backed it up, then made sure 
with a different hard drive that I can restore the server to a blank hard 
drive along with all the messages from a backup, which I achieved yesterday.

The next step is to transfer the IMAP setup to my proper server and fire it 
up. Then I won't need to continue to use KDE any more.



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