getting rid of the tree view of a message

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Mon Aug 16 04:58:57 UTC 2010

On 16/08/2010 14:46, Michael Hirsch wrote:
> I just upgraded my family to KDE 4.5.  Now my wife is pretty unhappy.
> Her biggest problem is with kmail.  When she looks at a mail message
> (double click the entry in the message list) is always shows her the
> message structure.  Even worse, the frame showing the structure takes
> up half the window.  She can shrink it to something smaller, but the
> next on she looks at has it back to half the window again.
> Anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it?  Preferably, she
> could make it go away entirely.  She has no interest in that
> structure.  She doesn't care that there is a text body part and an
> HTML body part.  She cares about attachments, but those are displayed
> at the top of the message, too.
> I have to say I agree with her.  That structure pane seems only of
> interest to mail geeks.  Why should anyone care about it?
> Anyway, anyone know how she can get rid of it, or at least make it smaller?
> Thanks,
> Michael

By "message structure" do you mean the Header of the message (showing 
From, To, Subject, etc etc)?

If so, then there should be a setting in kmail' preferences to either 
see the "Full View" of the header or to see it in "Normal View - or 
words to this effect?


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