getting rid of the tree view of a message

Michael Hirsch mdhirsch at
Mon Aug 16 04:46:08 UTC 2010

I just upgraded my family to KDE 4.5.  Now my wife is pretty unhappy.

Her biggest problem is with kmail.  When she looks at a mail message
(double click the entry in the message list) is always shows her the
message structure.  Even worse, the frame showing the structure takes
up half the window.  She can shrink it to something smaller, but the
next on she looks at has it back to half the window again.

Anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it?  Preferably, she
could make it go away entirely.  She has no interest in that
structure.  She doesn't care that there is a text body part and an
HTML body part.  She cares about attachments, but those are displayed
at the top of the message, too.

I have to say I agree with her.  That structure pane seems only of
interest to mail geeks.  Why should anyone care about it?

Anyway, anyone know how she can get rid of it, or at least make it smaller?



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