Please try: Can you post to this blog? Konqueror or Firefox. My attempts don't work. ; jor KUbuntu

giovanni_re john_re at
Thu Aug 12 06:30:05 UTC 2010

Sending this to the KU list mainly to see if anyone can have success
with using the Konqueror browser.  I sent this yesterday to the Ubuntu
list, & there were mixed results, regarding just Firefox, which was all
I asked them about.

I've been unable to post a simple comment to these two blog posts:

The latter is the latest post on that blog.

I'm using the latest Firefox direct from Mozilla,  3.6.8, with no addon
extensions, javascript on, & almost no changes to the preferences. 
Running in a separate instance with:
./firefox -no-remote -P myprofilename

Running on KUbuntu 10.4 64 bit, recently updated, on an AMD 4 core

The functionality works for the 
"Comment as 'Select Profile'"
That pops up a window that let's me type in my name.

When I press on only "Post Comment", if I haven't selected a
"Profile"/name, it prompts me to.  Then, when I've done that, it does a
page reload, but my comment isn't posted.

The "Preview" fails to preview, & reloads the page with no posted

I'm interested in people trying the "anonymous" posting - ie, not
through having some service (facebook, google) give a log in, because
that is the "keep it simple" way I am trying to do the post there.

I have to set the Firefox  "about:config" "firefox"
browser to an empty string (just delete the setting) for my firefox to
work through my ISP: MetroPCS cell phone company.

Seems unlikely, but maybe blogspot is trying to do something specific
with the particular type of browser, & no browser name is confusing it.

I tried KDE's Konquorer browser, javascript global enabled, cookies on
for the site:
1) The "comment as" (profile select) button is grey & doesn't do
2) When I try to post comment, or preview, it says "please choose a

Some months ago, someone here checked the site, &
found http spec compliance problems.  Is that kind of check doable on
the blogspot page?  Maybe their javascript, or something, isn't
compatible with what FF expects?
On the Ubuntu users list, some report failure, some success.  No
definitive answer yet.

Any idea if this is a fail at the blogspot end, or at my end?  All
suggestions appreciated.


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