Hunting Kubuntu update with older front-end...

Brian Lunergan ff809 at
Tue Aug 10 12:30:10 UTC 2010

On August 5, 2010 17:25:27 Nils Kassube wrote:
> Brian Lunergan wrote:
> > I know Kubuntu Heron is not LTS so is essentially past its best
> > before date. Will it disappear from the servers anytime soon or do I
> > have a reasonable window to keep using it?
> You can keep using it as long as you want even if it is not on the
> server - you just can't get new packages. But I suppose the Hardy
> repository will move the server when the support
> for the server edition ends.
> > Is it possible to install
> > a newer version of the OS but keep the old KDE3 desktop?
> Have a look at <> (that URL was posted
> here a few days ago).

Thanks for the pointer Nils. I will have a look and perhaps try out one of the 
image files on offer.

It's been quite amusing to read through some of the reviews, both pro and con, 
scattered around the web about KDE3 vs KDE4. I'll concede that the development 
team has done an ace job, but on a couple of levels they've also managed to 
through the baby out with the bathwater. Too many things imposed and too many 
assumptions made.

Perhaps not the latest and greatest, but if I can get one of these newer forked 
editions of Kubuntu with KDE3 on top to load and do what I ask of it I will be 
as happy as... Well, you get the idea. <snicker>

Later days, all...
Brian Lunergan
Nepean, Ontario
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