Wifi GNOME network manager version into KUbuntu, ... Will this _fix_ wifi? ; jor kubuntu

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Sun Aug 8 10:04:24 BST 2010

giovanni_re wrote:
> On Sat, 7 Aug 2010 21:57:00 +0200, "Nils Kassube" <kassube at gmx.net>
> said:
> > giovanni_re wrote:
> > I suggested that you install the gnome nm-applet, did you try that?
> What is the correct name?  That isn't in the apt-cache.
> - See the apt-cache searches at the end of this email.

Sorry about the confusion. The package name is network-manager-gnome and 
the command is nm-applet.

> > extra repositories because there aren't any. All Ubuntu flavours
> > are in the same place and all the packages are available in all
> > flavours. However, your package manager may not show everything if
> > it is that one for KDE (sorry, I don't remember the name because I
> > use synaptic instead). To get the gnome package (and remove the
> > KDE packages), you can use the command line (konsole) with these
> > commands (but I didn't check if this works - it is from memory):
> > 
> > sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome
> > sudo apt-get remove network-manager-kde
> > plasma-widget-networkmanagement nm-applet &
> 1) Order reversed? - Did you mean to put the install before the
> remove? Shouldn´t the remove be done before the install

If uninstalling the KDE network manager results in loosing the network 
it might be better to use the proposed order. Otherwise you can't 
download the new packages.

> 2) "nm-applet"?  That isn't in apt-cache search
> 3) Was there a line break problem there?  What was to be done with
> the nm-applet?

In the original mail there was no line break problem but in the quote 
above. After installing network-manager-gnome you would start the 
command nm-applet because you wouldn't find it in any menu.

> 4) What was the "&" after the nm-applet?

The & starts the command in the background. I added it to make sure you 
can close the terminal afterwards without loosing the applet in the 
system tray. I'm not sure if it is needed but it sure doesn't hurt. As I 
don't have the command installed, I couldn't test if it is needed and 
included the & "just in case". :)

> 5) plasma-widget-networkmanagement  isn't installed on my system

That may be - I didn't know what you have on your machine, so I included 
both. As an afterthought, you should probably uninstall wicd as well, 
because there may be a conflict if both network manager and wicd try to 
control the hardware.

> > Now you should have the extra icon for the gnome network manager in
> > your system tray.
> So, this get's the gnome network manager stuff in.
> Is it your belief that this should result in properly working 
> _wifi_?

The commands I suggested give you the opportunity to try out the gnome 
interface to the network manager. I don't know if that _will_ make your 
wifi work because there may be other problems, e.g. related to your 
hardware. You didn't write if you are still trying to make your Linksys 
AE1000 work and if you succeeded. If the hardware isn't properly 
supported by the kernel, it wouldn't help to swap the GUI for the 
network manager.


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