Wifi GNOME network manager version into KUbuntu, Debian "pinning method, etc. ; jor kubuntu

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Sat Aug 7 18:42:24 UTC 2010

KUbuntu 10.4,

Failing to get wifi to connect to access point.  It can see APs, but
fails to get dhcp via command mode, & fails connect with wicd.

It has been suggested (on KUbuntu list?) to remove the KU network
manager package, & that might get wicd & console command wifi working.

Previously, I was told that there is more networking success if one
installs Ubuntu (not KUbuntu) [to get the Ubuntu/Gnome network manager
sw], then install KDE on top of that.

For a system that was installed as KUbuntu:

Might it be possible to use something like Debian "pinning" to hold back
the KU network manager package, & then install the Ubuntu NetworkManager
package?  Guess I'd at least have to ad the Ubuntu repositories to

There might also be another debian method to do this.

 Being as Ubuntu is Debian based, is there some way to make this work?

I ran Debian from about 2000-2005, so haven't done pinning for a long

Thanks :)

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