32- or 64-bit

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On Friday 06/08/2010 at 4:22 pm, O. Sinclair wrote:

>>new computer on the horizon (next week) and it has 3Gb RAM and iCore 5
and what what.

>>So the question is: stay on good-old 32-bit Kubuntu or leap into the
future of 64-bit? I know the thing about memory addressing but 3Gb is
not quite there if I get it?

>>is 64-bit ready? Will I notice improved speed?

>'Buntu is definitely 64 bit ready.

>However flash isn't. If you need flash support in your browser - which is needed for just about any commercial website these days 
>then 64bit will give you a world of headaches, pretty much unusable, either doesn't work, crashes or works very erratically.

>Everything else is pretty good. However I doubt you'll notice much speed increase. Unless you have a pressing need for 64bit, such 
>as large amounts of ram, I'd stick with 32bit.

Can you show me a flash example that tests 64 bit flash, seems to work ok for me under mythbuntu / ff.  Installing is a pain as the 
install window gets hidden behind the main window, which if you do not find, then installing fails.

I think the key is that it depends on what you want to do!  If you want to do a lot of video work then I've found 64 bit a little 
faster, and even bridged some gaps from not possible to possible, e.g. H264 1080i decoding.  If you want to do email and write 
documents, nothing in it, toss a coin. Also 64bit overcomes the 2G file size limit, which, again depending on what you want to do, 
might be relevant.  For example emails files >2G probably work(!) on 64 bit files systems. 

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