Filters using Thunderbird

Paul Lemmons paul at
Mon Aug 2 17:09:22 UTC 2010

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Subject: Filters using Thunderbird
From: Michael <mmorse757 at>
To: Kubuntu user technical support <kubuntu-users at>
Date: 08/02/2010 10:02 AM

> Thunderbird
> Hello folks -
> Most of the mailing lists I belong to adds their name in the subject
> field.  This one apparently does not.  I used to know how to make a
> filter out of the LIST-id instead of the subject line but have
> forgotten.  Does anyone on the list filter their emails using this method?
> Michael

Mail sent to this list is sent to : kubuntu-users at

Simply setup a filter such that if it sees that in the to: or cc: fields 
to perform whatever action you wish, such as move it to a folder.

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