Store .kde Directory in DropBox?

Paul Lemmons paul at
Sun Aug 1 21:21:18 UTC 2010

On 07/31/2010 11:36 PM, Lindsay Mathieson wrote:
> Setting up a KDE PC for my wife - her first (Cure ominous music). I already
> have all her documents in a DropBox account. I was wondering if its safe to
> store her .kde folder in DropBox and  symbolic link to her home directory, i.e
>    link -s ~/DropBox/.kde  ~/.kde
> Will KDE have issues if its .kde dir is a symbolic link to another folder?
> Using Kubuntu 10.0+Back ports
> Side Note:She has a bunch of old (Win95) games that work beautiful under wine.
> This wouldn't be possible without that.
I don't know the answer right off for this but I would try it and see 
hat happens. If it breaks KDE, which I doubt, it is trivial to undo.  I 
would, however, offer a different solution. I suggest that the linking 
be done in the other direction. Let the .kde directory be the "real" 
directory and let the Dropbox/Directory be the link. (ie. ln -s ~/.kde 
~/Drobox/wife.kde). This is how I put directories in my dropbox folder 
and it works like a charm.

Out of simple curiosity, though, why you would want that directory 

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