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Thomas Olsen tanghus at gmail.com
Tue Apr 20 06:59:36 BST 2010

On Monday 19 April 2010 22:45:11 J Burst wrote:
> TO,
> Appreciate the reply.
> I was uncertain as to whether the site would provide POP details, obvious
> they are here.
> After checking Dolphin I found everything still there, simply no ability to
> open the software.
> Sorry but KMail never worked for me. Even so I was able to access the
> following;
> openoffice.org
> javaldx: Could not find a Java Runtime Environment!
> Please ensure that a JVM and the package openoffice.org-java-common
> is installed.
> If it is already installed then try removing ~/.
> openoffice.org/3/user/config/javasettings_Linux_*.xml
> As I stated previously, my login and password are locked in OpenOffice or I
> would not bother you. I looked at the OpenOffice support but again, my
> login and  password are locked.
> I tried to transfer the odt files to a disk but was unsuccessful. I write
> for the Internet, having shutdown and restarted I face cache problems
> regarding access to media outlets. I have already logged in again to some
> by changing passwords and saving them on email sites.
> Not trying to whine and moan about problems that are mine, eventually I
> will resolve things. Alternatives will be necessary, there simply is not
> time. I think I am pretty much a dead duck in the short run. ¡Que será!

Just to get things clear. You managed to log in using your login and password 
(which are written down in OpenOffice) but now you have forgotten the login/pwd 
and are unable to open the OpenOffice file they're in?

Hmm - OpenOffice files are just a zip file containing an XML file and optional 
binaries like pics and so on (AFAIK). You could simply unzip the file and look 
through the XML file using less to see if you could find the relevant 

Best Regards / Med venlig hilsen

Thomas Olsen

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