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James Tappin sjt at star.sr.bham.ac.uk
Mon Apr 19 21:31:50 BST 2010

On Mon, 19 Apr 2010 21:24:01 +0200
Thomas Olsen <tanghus at gmail.com> wrote:

TO> On Monday 19 April 2010 19:30:45 J J Burst
TO> <mail.dailywave at gmail.com> wrote:
TO> > Unknown,
TO> > 
TO> > My OpenOffice software is closed, it will not open.
TO> > 
TO> > Attempts to convey the problem by uploading a scan failed, the
TO> > program was unable to link to browser (FF, Linux version).
TO> > 
TO> > I cannot login to forums, all passwords... are in OpenOffice.
TO> > 
TO> > The only thing I was able to find when playing hit and miss with
TO> > Kubuntu was *The file or folder help:/korganizer/index.html does
TO> > not exist*. This is the first OS I have used where I have had no
TO> > access to scripting. Besides shutting down and restarting I am a
TO> > complete DS with regard to resolving simple problems such as this.
TO> > I have no idea how to reload the software without erasing all
TO> > saved files on it. Then again, I have no access to nothing at this
TO> > point.
TO> > 
TO> > In that light, this POP is my olny means of contact.
TO> > 
TO> > Thanks for any assistance.
TO> > 
TO> > Working in the dark,
TO> > JB
TO> > 
TO> > 
TO> > Kubuntu 9+ (latest)
TO> OpenOffice is not part of KDE SC. You might want to try at the
TO> Kubuntu mailing  list at kubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com.
TO> I cannot see what mail client you are using but if you are using
TO> KMail just  click on
TO> https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/kubuntu-users to open 
TO> Konqueror and subscribe to the list. Otherwise open Konqueror from 
TO> K=>Applications=>Internet=>Konqueror and copy/paste the link.
TO> For a start open Konsole (ALT+F2 type "konsole") and start
TO> OpenOffice with the  command openoffice.org and see if you get any
TO> eroor messages.

Could be you have an openoffice process running that has no open windows
and you're not aware of. Try "ps -u <your username> | grep soffice" to
see. Or just run "killall soffice soiifice.bin" and try again.

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