Permissions problem

NW barnaby at
Thu Apr 15 08:00:36 BST 2010

Jonas Norlander wrote:
> 2010/4/14 NW <barnaby at>:
>> I have been looking at the possibility of using my one printer for all
>> three computers at home, see other thread. Now I don't know if I have
>> done anything silly but .....
>> Yesterday I couldn't print anything. Research tracked down the problem
>> to the permissions on dev/lp0. They were  rw-rw---- with user = root and
>> group = lp. So others had no permissions.
> You shouldn't need to change permissions on devices in /dev. Perhaps
> you need to add yourself to a group? On my Kubuntu 9.10 I am in the
> lpadmin group (don't know if Hardy using this group).
>> I used chmod (with sudo) to change the permissions to rw-rw-rw- and I
>> was then able to print. Fine.
>> Today same problem. The permissions had reverted to rw-rw----. I have
>> changed them again. Now I don't want to have to keep running chmod every
>> session, that is just silly and anyway it has only just started to happen.
>> Can anyone help here please? For a start I don't understand why the new
>> set of permissions changed back. Shouldn't my change remain fixed?
> No they are not permanent. All devices in /dev is dynamically created
> at boot or when attaching a new "hot-plug" device like USB devices.
> / Jonas
Re the above problem

I run kubuntu Hardy and get regular updates as is normal. I remember now
that the last update included cups which is now at version 1.3.7. My
problems started after that. So, not my fault.

I think that my easiest way out of this is to get the permissions on lp0
to be set to 666. I have searched hard but cannot find where they are
set by udev on logging on. Can anyone help please?


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