Firefox Karmic freezing

Perry pwhite at
Wed Apr 14 18:54:30 BST 2010


After a long strech of almost daily updates offered through KPackageKit for 
firefox (now Namoroka/3.6.4pre), it has become almost unusable.

For example, launching from a shell I get:
	(firefox-bin:2539): GLib-WARNING **: g_set_prgname() called multiple times
then if I go to <> or 
<> I get
	** (firefox-bin:2563): WARNING **: Serious fd usage error 15
	** (firefox-bin:2563): WARNING **: Serious fd usage error 13
end FF becomes unresponsive.
I can look up a word in Google, but clicking on a link *may* cause FF freezing 

I waited some days for another update that would fix this problem, but  the 
devs essm satisfied with what they attained  ;O)))
(or it's somewhat harder to fix and they are working hard at it)

Also not seeing this problem appear on the list opens the possibility that the 
updates are not responsible.

I tried googling (with Konqueror) but did not come yet with a simple answer, 
ether too many hits or too few, depending on the keywords.
One suggestion I could try is replace the 3.6.4pre version with the stable 
3.6.3...someone knows the best way to achieve this? or can anyone offer another 

Thanks in advance		Perry

ıɔǝɔ ǝɯɯoɔ xnǝıɯ ʇsǝ,ɔ nʇunqnʞ
from <>, I wonder how she 
did this.

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