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Mario Andes multilingus at
Tue Apr 13 16:27:57 BST 2010

Hi Neil,
I am using a Fritz!Box 7170 as router. The big advantage is that I can
connect a USB-printer to the router directly and use it as network printer!



On Tue, 13 Apr 2010 17:50:18 +0200, NW <barnaby at> wrote:

> We have three computers at home. The desktop is linked by cable to the
> router. The two laptops access the internet via wifi from the router.
> There is one printer connected to the desktop by cable. It occurs to me
> that there should be a way for the laptops to access the printer via the
> network.
> I have been looking around via google, and getting more and more
> confused. It can't be too difficult surely. Can anyone start me off
> please? I know that there are such things as a wifi enabled printer and
> a printer server etc. Am I asking to much to expect to have the laptops
> send a print command to the desktop computer which would act as a
> printer server I suppose.
> More info: desktop Kubuntu Hardy. One laptop Mint 7 Xfce. The other
> laptop Windows XP.
> Thanks,
> Neil

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