any way to disable prompt for open tty during shutdown

Jonas Norlander jonorland at
Fri Apr 2 09:28:33 BST 2010

2010/4/2 Alvin <info at>:
> On Friday 02 April 2010 00:09:55 Paul S wrote:
>> If I happen to use a console (tty) during a kde session, I get a prompt
>> during shutdown to cancel / continue for that tty.  I'd like to disable
>> this feature.  For me, when I hit shutdown, I want to be able to hit
>> return and walk away and have it work.   Whenever I forget that I had a
>> tty open, I've come back hours later and it's still hung on that prompt.
>>   Not a secure feature imo.
>> Anyone know how to disable this?
>> I'm running lucid kubuntu now, but have had this on karmic too.
> +1 from me too. It has always been there.
> May I suggest that you file a bug on Launchpad for this and post the link
> here.
> The main problem is not the warning, but the fact that the warning is also
> there if you have logged out from your tty session.

+1 from me also. This bug has been there for several Kubuntu versions.
It is on my "file a bug list" but I never got around to do it.

/ Jonas

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