Grrrr wireless...

Paul Lemmons paul at
Sun Sep 6 21:07:32 UTC 2009

Nils Kassube wrote:
> Paul Lemmons wrote:
>> I looked at wicd but it wants to uninstall a lot of things that look
>> like I want to keep.
> I suppose all it wants to uninstall is network-manager and the KDE 
> interface to it. As there is a conflict between those components it is 
> necessary to uninstall those packages related to network-manager. Oh, 
> maybe it also wants to uninstall kubuntu-desktop but that is something 
> you don't really need. Is there something else it wants to uninstall?
> Another option: If you want to keep network-manager, you could install 
> network-manager-gnome. It also works with KDE and IMHO it works better 
> than the KDE interfaces for network-manager.
> Nils
Woo! Hoo! It turns out network-manager-gnome was already installed 
(don't know why). So I killed knetworkmanager and started the nm-applet 
(took a bit to find that command) and two clicks and password later I 
had a WPA connection. Thank you!

I will wait until the dust settles over the KDE wireless connectivity 
applet and try it again in a few months. Maybe when I upgrade to karmac.

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