phplib package

Alan Dacey Sr. GrokIt at
Wed Sep 30 22:07:03 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 30 September 2009 11:22:59 am David McGlone wrote:
> Hi all,
> I can't seem to find the phplib package in synaptic. Does anyone know how
>  or  what to get for kubuntu or am I overlooking something?

"aptitude search template | grep php" gives the following.  Is it installed on your machine?

p   php-html-template-it            - PEAR HTML Template IT

I know next to nothing about programming in php but when I come across something that is missing and I can't find the package, I install everything that it could be.  It almost always fixes the 
problem.  If you don't have the space this method may not be for you.

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