How to activate the Esperanto keyboard?

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Tue Sep 29 12:25:01 UTC 2009

Hello everybody

So far, I have been using two keyboards next to one another at my PC's
with Kubuntu Jaunty:
* US - alternative international., in combination with a 'compose key';
* Russian Phonetic.
Both keyboards work quite well now, and can be quickly alternated with
one another.

Recently I tried to activate a third keyboard via SYSTEM SETTINGS >
Regional and language > keyboard:
Esperanto ('EPO'). However, both variants of that keyboard do not work
at all.  After 'activating' the Esperanto keyboard, I simply cannot
type anything: the cursor stays stuck where it is as long as I try
typing while the 'EPO' keyboard is 'active'. Only after switching to
either of the two other keyboards, I can type again.
Did I overlook anything? Or do I need to file somewhere a bug report?

Respectfully yours,


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