single *_grub_* partition for many distros

Goh Lip g.lip at
Sun Sep 27 06:07:05 UTC 2009

Perry wrote:

> Here is one question:
> I basically understand your manipulations with grub and chainloading but 
> failed, despite a quick look at Grub or Grub2 manuals, to make clear the 
> notion of looping or loopback. Could you briefly describe what it is about.

Hi, Perry, whilst trying to find out more about grub2, noted that 
booting from iso files was mentioned, there were rave comments about its 
usefulness, so I jotted down its basics while I tried to get other info 
about what I was trying to do in grub2.

In short, what this does is to let us boot from iso files without 
booting up from cd.

After getting a bit comfortable with my grub2 setup, I sometimes wonder 
about booting iso's utility for me. I seldom use any livecd myself. I do 
have made cd's for gparted, blank grub-legacy, (now blank grub2 cd) for 
those contingencies I may face for emergencies, so far all untouched 
except for testing to make sure they worked. For those livecd (dsl, 
puppy) I had used in the past, for travelling, I had preferred them in 
usb sticks primarily so that all saved data or revisions stick in the 
usb stick. (how else to save data in a burnt cd?). Again, I don't think 
booting from iso files would save data in that iso file, right? So, I 
have not made any real attempt to use this boot from iso. I mentioned 
this utility because others may find it useful. (I noted somewhere that 
some programs , (gml? backlash?), are fantastic through booting iso as 
they use them frequently).

While learning more about grub2, through googling, there are some 
instructions that didn't work for me, so I made a point to only jot down 
those that worked and on this list here. Since grub2 is still work in 
progress, I guess there will be many improvements and those that didn't 
work may now work as the kubuntu team may update more into the grub package.

I know this is a non-answer to your question, but that is the best I can 
come up with.

Goh Lip

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