Goh Lip g.lip at
Thu Sep 24 03:49:35 UTC 2009

Willy K. Hamra wrote:

>>> the order when new entries (kernels) are added, rendering wrong boot as 
>>> well. So I would suggest just changing grub.cfg (like in menu.lst) and 
>>> modify again when kernels are added. Well, if you want to change default 
>>> number, it's up to you. Are there any alternative?

> using "saved" instead of a number? does this still work in grub2? i
> always used it in menu.lst since other than kubuntu i have other OSes,
> and i always would rather see the last OS used. there are days when i'm
> only playing on Windows, days for working on kubutnu, and days for
> tinkering on SUSE. "saved" saved my time during reboots.
> and thanks Goh for the instructions above, i was editing grub.cfg
> durectly for the last few weeks, just random changes to see how it
> works. this new file looks scary compared to menu.lst's simpleness :P

Hey, you may be onto something here on "saved". If you find that out, it 
would be helpful to many people here. There is no obvious entry in 
/etc/default/grub, but the /boot/grub/grub.cfg implies there is a 
possibility. Maybe modify at /etc/grub.d?  Now that would be scary.

I have no need (as in the case of menu.lst) to modify any OS grub. Any 
modification is done at the 'first grub' partition. Naturally, this 
'first grub' cannot be 'machine updated' (also for menu.lst) and any 
changes to that partition's grub.cfg (or menu.lst) sticks forever unless 
I change it manually. So I do not have much tinkering with grub2.
If you find out, let us know, ya?

Goh Lip

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