Kubuntu Alpha's

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Wed Sep 23 18:50:28 UTC 2009

Knapp wrote:

>> Switching to ext4 strikes me as just plain silly.
> Is this yet another case like Kubuntu getting KDE 4.0 when might have
> been better to wait a year?

Probably not.  It's just that I've used pretty well all the filesystems out 
there, and none of them is appreciably better for a home user than any 
other.  Putting an ext4 fs on a new partition is something I'd do without a 
second thought.  Copying everything off one partition to put it onto a new 
ext4 partition seems pointless.  But migrating it in-place seems like an 
uglier hack than adding ext3 support onto ext2 was.  

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