grub error 18

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Wed Sep 23 00:01:55 UTC 2009

Clay Weber wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 September 2009 01:13:08 am Goh Lip wrote:
>> Clay Weber wrote:
>>> I am afraid you may have a problem that no one has come across before.
>>> I'd definitely file a bug report. You can file it on the package 'grub'.
>> There is an old bug report filed already.
> There are probably more, but do they involve this happening after an update to 
> a previously booting system, and not after a new install? And with the 
> partitions at the beginning of the drive? Got links? Worst case is the bug 
> report is marked as a duplicate. And perhaps this will help with future Ubuntu 
> updates.

If grub will continue to be the default bootloader and not grub2. I have 
not just Karmic and I believe there is indication that it uses grub2 as 
default? I just hope that grub is not dropped altogether though. Not 
until grub2 gets stable pxe support.

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