grub error 18

Derek Broughton derek at
Tue Sep 22 13:40:07 UTC 2009

Goh Lip wrote:

> Clay Weber wrote:
>> I am afraid you may have a problem that no one has come across before.
>> I'd definitely file a bug report. You can file it on the package 'grub'.
> There is an old bug report filed already.
> Wow, after a day away, quite some messages on this.
> Anyway, there are 3 methods to settle this.
> One of which is fairly simple. But it reminds me of a story where an
> electrician refuses to change a fuse because he thinks he has to rewire
> the whole building. And of course, after rewiring the whole building and
> changing all the fuse boxes,he still thinks he is right. Wonder why when
> Derek changed to Karmic, the problem goes away? It came with a new fuse!
> Most of us don't get this problem in Jaunty as we install to a partition
> or overwrite the existing mbr.
> The problem is usually people who thinks he has 11 years of electrical
> work and has a certificate still wants to use radio diodes.

You know, that's more than usually insulting.  I _am_ that "electrician", 
with almost exactly 11 years experience in this area.  You've provided no 
helpful advice to fixing an existing problem, instead, to mangle your 
metaphor further, you've told Christopher that he'd be better off replacing 
his fuses with breakers.  Always a good idea, but it doesn't explain why 
there's a problem in the first place.


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