grub error 18

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Tue Sep 22 02:40:39 UTC 2009

David Kuntadi wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 9:18 AM, Christopher Chan
> <christopher.chan at> wrote:
>> Oh, I have no problem with your statement. 10 years of experience with
>> Linux now, been through lilo, grub and done pxe-grub (take that grub2!)
>> for kickstart installations of server clusters. Maybe I should go for
>> Debian or go back to Centos. I have not had so many problems with a
>> distro like Ubuntu and thinktheyknowitall posters implying that I am
>> stupid on the distro list.
> I just started to use linux end of 2006, so my experience is not even
> 3 years yet so I am still learning and I have no IT background
> actually.

:-D. You have lots and lots of reading and time to put in yet then. 
Stick with one distro for now. Makes it easier to fathom out the 
differences later when dealing with other distros. Ubuntu being the 
exception since it has had quite a few big changes like moving from the 
inittab init system startup to...what is it called again the new service 
management/Solaris SMF lookalike system?

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