Kubuntu Alpha's

Goh Lip g.lip at gmx.com
Sun Sep 20 11:47:13 UTC 2009

Sascha G├╝thling wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 9:55 PM, Derek Broughton <derek at pointerstop.ca> wrote:
>> Goh Lip wrote:
>>> But the issue I like to bring up is this. Even with the latest upgrades,
>>> the usplash is still here. I have a nigging feeling that if I were to
>>> download and install the latest alpha, it would not have the usplash
>>> screen (and autologin will not be an issue).
>> I won't know about autologin, but as for usplash, I just finished
>> downloading, so we'll see shortly ...
>> --
>> derek
> I had a problem with some broken sectors on my test partition that I
> just fixed. Now it finally boots up again.
> Now I can confirm that there is no usplash anymore. It shows the boot
> messages and after a while just switches to the login screen. I didn't
> have to install new, just updated with aptitude.
> Though I will make a complete new install for the final release I
> think the update would work too. The update system is smart enough to
> install all the new package and kick out obsolete ones. It's probably
> all the ongoing changes in the repositories that make trouble right
> now.
> Sascha

Well, up to now the usplash is still with me.
Also I suspect that the newer network-manager is not being utilized, 
still using the older program. (not older version, totally new program 
for karmic).

But, no, I am not at all unpleased. I think my current system is very 
very functional and far far better than the previous jaunty and newer 
alpha's have been an improvement over the older alpha's. The usplash and 
network manager are not show stoppers at all, (unless the new network 
mangager makes the internet speed whizz by in a flash, heh heh). I am 
glad I opted for the karmic alpha's, really.

But thanks for your comments.

Take care.
Goh Lip

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