Kubuntu Alpha's

Goh Lip g.lip at gmx.com
Fri Sep 18 20:09:24 UTC 2009

Clay Weber wrote:

> I would tend to agree with this, as there are so many things that change from 
> day to day in the alpha stage (even hourly).  Not everything is removed from 
> the previous day's batch of updates. I would guess that usplash is still 
> installed for you, and hasn't been set to be removed yet in the updates. I 
> also think that the devs had to modify some kdm things just before the last 
> alpha for the upcoming changes. 
> While there are constant updates, each alpha is sort of meant to be installed 
> fresh to test out new features, etc. While this isn't always necessary, it has 
> been my experience running alphas to do a fresh install if there is something 
> not working or showing up that was supposed  to be there.
> My clean alpha6 does not have any boot splash, and I use autologin with no 
> issue
> Such is the life of alpha testing :)

Clay, good of you to confirm that your clean install of alpha6 does not 
have splash. Yes, I normally do a clean install when final version is 
released; and that's when I find differences.

Thanks for your feedback.

Goh Lip

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