Huston i have a big problem

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Trivial suggestion: 
Boot using the live cd and then from a terminal run fsck on each of your hdds (found in /dev/hd*). 

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Subject: Huston i have a big problem 

Hi to all, 

Problems part 2... 
I've mailed about my problems with no X after the kubuntu splash. 
Today i booted in to recovery with netroot, did an apt-get update and dist-upgrade. And i could boot again and start working... 

After a updates installed... and then when rebooting; 

a lot of errors; some of them... 
-udev[362] inotify_add_watch (6, (null), 10) failed bad address. 
-udev[362] =name="%K" in superflious and breaks kernel supplied names... 
-Somthing about a wrong bios for acer... 
-system with errors check forced 

But i even can't get a console to do something 


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