I did something stupid and now I'm sad

Alan Dacey Sr. GrokIt at ajinfosearch.com
Tue Sep 15 00:35:09 UTC 2009

I was about to try and fix a data problem on one of my partitions and used 
gparted.  I stupidly clicked OK without reading 'This will destroy all data on 
/dev/sdc'  I did not turn off the power in time and lost about 500 hundred gigs 
of music and movies.  The rest is not important to me.  I know, always back 
up, but I did not have the spare cash for another hard drive.
Anyway, is it possible to recover this data or am I hosed?  There are 
currently no partitions on the disk.


"I don’t know how, but Microsoft managed to break ASCII text files. That’s an 

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