Facebook is anti-Linux! Help change them!

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 07:39:25 UTC 2009

2009/9/13 Ignazio Palmisano <ignazio_io at yahoo.it>:
> On 13/09/09 06:35, Dotan Cohen wrote:
>>> Note that apps are not
>>> Facebook, they are sort of plugins in Facebook architecture. Different
>>> developers, therefore different responsibilities.
>> Different developers, yes, but Facebook is still responsible for the
>> content provided by their service including third-party extensions.
>> Facebook approves and provides this service, it is not a standalone
>> service. If Facebook were to provide a plugin that worked only for
>> Bolivians and blocked Venezuelans, would you argue that is not
>> Facebook's responsibility to ensure that the app meets particular
>> miminum accessibility requirements?
> I see your point. I would argue something in between, it's Facebook
> responsibility but don't rely on it for security assessment or for
> compatibility with any browser. Facebook cannot change the code for the
> application, the only thing they can do is remove the application, I
> believe. Reversing the situation, I'm not sure whether I'd want an
> application that works with Firefox and not with IE removed because of
> this last reason; probably not. Should Facebook require that all
> applications work with all major browsers? Mmm maybe...

Exactly, Facebook should require that applications work with Bolivian
widgets as well as Venezuelan widgets. Browser X and Browser Y. SCreen
resolution 800*600 and screen resolution 3200*2400. If the app cannot
do that, then let the dev write his own website and host the app

> (btw are we agreeing on the problem being unrelated to the OS being
> Linux, Windows, Solaris, NetBSD, Unix, Symbian, Minix... whatever else? :P)

Commodore 64!

Dotan Cohen


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