Facebook is anti-Linux! Help change them!

Ignazio Palmisano ignazio_io at yahoo.it
Sun Sep 13 07:29:02 UTC 2009

On 13/09/09 06:35, Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> Note that apps are not
>> Facebook, they are sort of plugins in Facebook architecture. Different
>> developers, therefore different responsibilities.
> Different developers, yes, but Facebook is still responsible for the
> content provided by their service including third-party extensions.
> Facebook approves and provides this service, it is not a standalone
> service. If Facebook were to provide a plugin that worked only for
> Bolivians and blocked Venezuelans, would you argue that is not
> Facebook's responsibility to ensure that the app meets particular
> miminum accessibility requirements?

I see your point. I would argue something in between, it's Facebook 
responsibility but don't rely on it for security assessment or for 
compatibility with any browser. Facebook cannot change the code for the 
application, the only thing they can do is remove the application, I 
believe. Reversing the situation, I'm not sure whether I'd want an 
application that works with Firefox and not with IE removed because of 
this last reason; probably not. Should Facebook require that all 
applications work with all major browsers? Mmm maybe...

(btw are we agreeing on the problem being unrelated to the OS being 
Linux, Windows, Solaris, NetBSD, Unix, Symbian, Minix... whatever else? :P)


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