Facebook is anti-Linux! Help change them!

Cary Bielenberg cary at bielenberg.id.au
Sat Sep 12 11:14:21 UTC 2009

On 12/09/09 20:45, Knapp wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 12, 2009 at 12:15 PM, Eberhard Roloff<tuxebi at gmx.de>  wrote:
>> Knapp wrote:
>> My brother has 2 computer
>>> systems. The reason is so that he can run Linux on one and run MS on
>>> the other so that he can use Facebook. Please help put a stop to this!
>> Hi,
>> instead of distributing FUD about facebook being not Linux
>> friendly, you might try yourself and then consider showing
>> your brother how good facebook works with Linux.
>> regards
>> Eberhard
> Really that is the main reason  I posted this link, my brother has
> been converted to Linux but can't use it with facebook so he keeps 2
> computers so that he can use Linux. This is not ideal. The problem
> that my brother is having is with face book Texas hold em poker. It
> will not display the server choices. I personally have had problems
> with it not letting me set people as friends. It says it is doing it
> but never does. This problem is intermittent. One last thing. My
> brother got an email from them saying to change to another OS also and
> that was recently.
> PS I am dyslexic, so have fun making fun of my spelling. By this point
> I have heard and seen all the bad jokes about it. (Just to be clear
> that is directed at the person that did it.) Also, often people on
> this list do not speak English naively. I happen to live in Germany.
> Having issues with my subject of my email is fine with me but making
> fun of spelling? Is that the Ubuntu way? I think not. Perhaps it was
> meant as a joke?
I don't believe it is a Linux problem but a Firefox 3.x problem. I had 
no problems with FB prior to V3, I am experiencing the same problem on a 
Simple Machines Forum as well but I can emulate the problems on Windows 
XP & Firefox 3 as well.


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