using a remote CUPS server from Kubuntu Jaunty

Wolfgang Jeltsch 4cqncnl7 at
Thu Sep 10 19:36:51 UTC 2009


my employer provides several printers and a CUPS server for accessing them. 
I’d like to use this CUPS server directly from my Kubuntu Jaunty machine, 
i.e., I don’t want to use the CUPS server on localhost at all. This way, I 
won’t have to configure all the printers by hand, since they are already 
configured on my employer’s CUPS server.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out how to set things up this way. Under KDE 3.5 
(on Debian etch), there was the possibility to use a CUPS server on an 
arbitrary host instead of just localhost. How can I achieve this with KDE 4?

Best wishes,

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