lost audio / amarok

Stephen stephanos at writeme.com
Thu Sep 10 08:15:47 UTC 2009

Dear All

I have installed Kubuntu 9.04 after first using gparted to delete the
linux partition that had 9.04 on it.  The computer dual boots with XP.

I used gparted as the previous install of 9.04 was an upgrade via the
web of 8.10.  This left many things not working and was so problematic
as to make the installation useless.

So far the only issue I have with this installation is that audio and
Amarok are not working.  I insert an audio cd and Dolphin ask me what I
want to do with it but playing with any audio  player is not one of the

If I start Amarok and press play cd a file dialogue box opens and I am
not sure what to do here.

If I use Dolphin to open the cd and look at the files  I can chose to
open one of the tracks  with Amarok, but still no playing in Amarok
takes place.

I have not tested DVD's yet.  The audio during shutdown and at the end 
of boot up do play.

Any help appreciated


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