Partition problems after installing a second Kubuntu version

Nils Kassube kassube at
Wed Sep 9 06:26:16 UTC 2009

john d. herron wrote:
> I'm currently using Kubuntu Feisty (7.04, ext3) as 'production'
> distro. It resides as logical /dev/hda7 in the extended partition of
> my only hdd. It runs quite well except for the synaptic package
> manager, which steadfastly refuses to install things (like e.g.mysql
> or speedcrunch) because of dependency considerations (it issues 'Not
> Authenticated' warnings).

Did you change the repositories to the new location? 7.04 is no longer 
supported but you find the standard Ubuntu repositories now at 
<>. And remember they will not get 
updates anymore. I would suggest you upgrade to the current version 9.04 
(or wait a few more weeks until 29.10.09 for the release of 9.10). As 
there are many steps necessary for an upgrade (7.04 -> 7.10 -> 8.04 -> 
9.04) it is probably best to use a fresh installation to save a lot of 

> Now, when comparing the contents of Feisty's /etc/fstab and the bash
> output of df --all, I notice differences in entries relating to
> /dev/hda3. Since I'm no expert, I don't know what these differences
> might indicate, if anything.

I don't see anything about /dev/hda3 in your nearly unreadable output of 
"df --all". Is that what you mean to be your concern? I suppose there is 
no directory /media/hda3 in your system. If it doesn't exist, the 
partition can't be mounted there. Use the command

sudo mkdir /media/hda3

in a terminal to make the directory for the mount point. BTW: The df 
output would have been readable if you had used "df -h" instead of "df 

Another reason for the missing hda3 partition in your df output is the 
fstab line for hda3:

> /dev/hda3 /media/hda3 auto nouser,noauto,atime,rw,nodev,noexec,nosuid

The option noauto means that it will not be mounted automatically at 
startup but did you try to mount it manually? Well, if you didn't, use 
the command

sudo mount /dev/hda3

and see if that works.

> I'd add a copy of the QTParted graph, but I don't know whether the
> list would carry it, and gladly provide any other info that may be
> useful.

If the entire mail is small enough (don't know the limit) you can in 
theory attach pictures, but it is much better to use something like 
<> and post a link with your mail.


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