Want KDE 3.5 look and feel

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 18:07:03 UTC 2009

> I, like you, preferred the look & feel of kde3x over kde4x. And I also
> never warmed up to gnome... (Of course, part of my reasons was being
> very keyboard centric, due to having a hard time manipulating the mouse
> properly... And when I tried gnome it seamed that way to many things
> depended on knowing just where to right click on what... (Hmmmnnn no
> wonder I didn't like what they did to kde4...)

I would very much like to know what regressions you find in KDE 4
compared to KDE 3, in particular accessibility and usability issues
such as keyboard shortcuts.

> Well that's good. I'm glad that someone who is still trying to use it
> is talking to one of the designers... If they make kde4 into something
> that will keep most kde3 diehards happy, then it will probably at least
> keep on being a viable base for me to overlay with the E1[67] environment.
> But if you get tired of it, do try the above repo... & if, Like me,
> you happen to be very keyboard centric, feel free to ask me how I
> quickly configure e17 to taste...

Joe, if you would mention the E[16|17] features that you prefer, I
would very much like to file feature requests for KDE. I have been
meaning to try that desktop for the longest time but I cannot find the
time to dedicate to it the time that it deserves (I have a handicap
that KDE handles nicely, but E16 did not. I do not know about E17
though.). Thanks!

Dotan Cohen


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